Seamen's Centre Amsterdam
Radarweg 32
1042 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

phone: 0031 20 6117912
e-mail: sea.amsterdam@wxs.nl

Open daily from
16.00 - 23.00 h

Please phone for free transport


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  • How can I go to the city centre?
    You can take a taxi. 
    Taxi drivers are happy to bring you anywhere but please make sure you take a legal one, for instance of TCA (00
    31 20 6777777). Always ask for the price in advance and never pay more than 40 euro. If you have the feeling that you have paid too much, try to remember the license plate of the car. Please note that most problems happen when seafarers go back to their ship. Most drivers want euros and the ones who accept other currencies give you a extremely bad exchangerate.
    If your ship is located at the west side of the port, you probably save money by getting to the seamen's centre first and take a taxi from there. We can give you a small map and mark the location of your ship. If you show that to the taxidriver, he does not have an excuse to drive more than necessary. 

    Please note that there are always taxis stand by at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. If you are travelling with 1 or 2 persons to or from the city centre, it will save you money to use public transport untill or from there.

    You can use public transport (if you have euro's).
    If your ship is  at Oiltanking, walk 5 minutes eastwards (to the left) from the gate and take bus 82 in the same direction. If you leave the bus at Sloterdijk, you can also walk to the Seamen's Centre.

    If you are at BP, Amfert or IGMA you can take a bus from the gate from around 7.30 to 9.00 and 16.00 to 18.00

    If you are at Holandia Kloos (scrap), Ter Haak, Nustar or VCK, walk to the skycrapers and look for Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. More enthusiastic walkers do the same thing from OBA. Also the Seamen's Centre is at a walking distance from your ship.

    If you are at Shipdock, you can take the ferry which brings you free of charge to the city centre.

    If you are at the wachtsteiger or Cornelder, you can walk to the mainroad and take any bus driving eastwards. Enthusiastic walkers do not use the bus at all.